Practice Exam - Typos?

There seems to be many typos on these exams and it may need more attention. I thought I simply did not know what a ‘surface pit’ was, but I do know what a ‘service pit’ is. How does the Black Spectacles team search for spelling errors? Seeing missed problems like this can be very unomtivating and frustrating.

Hey @Vincent.Lee. I hear you, that’s frustrating especially when you would’ve gotten the answer correct otherwise. Black Spectacles has a team of folks looking over questions, but it looks like this might’ve slipped through the cracks. I’m pinging @Lara here so she can be aware of this and update the question.

A good takeaway here is that you did in fact know the correct answer. The NCARB exams are extremely unlikely to have any errors like this, so on the exam it sounds like you would’ve answered correctly.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @Vincent.Lee. Our team will review it tomorrow and work on getting it adjusted. Thanks for helping us improve our practice exams!

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