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I have come across with questions that ask to round to the nearest dollar but in given cases there is additional information in the questions that suggest to round down.

For example if a question asks to calculate cost per sqft based on a given budget, but that you have to stay within budget. Let’s say you have a construction budget of $725,000 and a 10,000sqft facility. Your construction cost would be $72.50 per sqft so if you round to $73.00 you would be over budget by $5,000. So far I have noticed that in similar questions the answer always rounds up. Should we asume that when a question specifically asks to round to the nearest dollar we would need to round-up?

Hi @liz.concepcion.arch ,

In the situation you’ve described you would need to round down so as not to exceed the budget. It always depends on the situation as to whether you round up or down - in this question the maximum budget is the key that you need to round down instead of up.

Questions about rounding get asked a lot. Check out these other posts regarding rounding and in what situations you round up/down!

Hope this helps!

Thats what I though, but I got the question wrong. I’m specifically referring to question #74 of FORM 3 from the Black Spectacles practice exam. The question says “assuming the project is on budget” as you mentioned I assumed that to stay on budget was the key but the “correct answer” was rounding-up. Not sure if its a test error or I miss understood the question.

Thanks for the other post they helped a lot!

Hi @liz.concepcion.arch ,

Glad the links were helpful! We will double check that exam question to make sure its up to snuff and I’m not missing any context here.

@coachchrishopstock can you please take a look into this question? It’s on PA form 3.


Hi @liz.concepcion.arch thanks for the question!
For this question, I’d use typical rounding since the question simply says to ‘round to the nearest whole number’. We will, however, adjust the correct answer so that rounding down also is accepted as correct. I can understand why you’d round down in this situation and I agree that you have an understanding of the concepts being tested, therefore your answer should be correct.
Good luck in the rest of your studies and thanks for posting in the community!

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