BS: Poor resource for PPD

Finished & failed 3rd attempt. Biggest topic not covered by Black Spectacles is seismic/structural maths problems. No videos, not on prectice tests or quizes above P-delta. More finance questions about depreciation, soft costs, etc not covered by BS. More structural math questions not covered by BS. At least add something or a reference to something to practice the maths questions. For the price, I hope you are updating PPD videos this year as well. 47% pass rate, look at how many have subscriptions and watching PPD videos. I hope PDD is better, but taking BS with ALOT of skepticism.

Hi @chuckw - Sorry to hear you didn’t pass your last attempt at PPD! We’re here to help you.
For seismic and structural, we have a virtual workshop titled ‘Understanding Structural Systems and the Seismic Impact on Design’ that I think you’d find to be helpful.
Our new PcM course (which we’re launching in two days on 3/30) covers firm financial topics in detail, as well as cost of work estimates. These financial topics come up across all divisions of the ARE.

where is the cost of work estimate workshop located? lots of cost estimating in PDD exam.