BS: Poor resource for PPD

Finished & failed 3rd attempt. Biggest topic not covered by Black Spectacles is seismic/structural maths problems. No videos, not on prectice tests or quizes above P-delta. More finance questions about depreciation, soft costs, etc not covered by BS. More structural math questions not covered by BS. At least add something or a reference to something to practice the maths questions. For the price, I hope you are updating PPD videos this year as well. 47% pass rate, look at how many have subscriptions and watching PPD videos. I hope PDD is better, but taking BS with ALOT of skepticism.

Hi @chuckw - Sorry to hear you didn’t pass your last attempt at PPD! We’re here to help you.
For seismic and structural, we have a virtual workshop titled ‘Understanding Structural Systems and the Seismic Impact on Design’ that I think you’d find to be helpful.
Our new PcM course (which we’re launching in two days on 3/30) covers firm financial topics in detail, as well as cost of work estimates. These financial topics come up across all divisions of the ARE.