Construction budget as cost guide instead of not to exceed?

there is a question in pa exam1 indicated that the construction budget that the owner set up is not for the team to stick to but as a cost guide.
AhPP “The manager should have a good enough grasp of all aspects of the project to be able to make appropriate recommendations for scope or quality adjustments in the event cost estimates or bids exceed target construction budgets.”
and per § 1.1.3 The Owner’s budget for the cost of the Work, as defined in Section 6.1:, should the construction budget consider sth the architect to ensure the project will not go over budget?

The Construction budget will always be a guide, because there are many variables within a project that can alter the cost of a project. However, a guide is all you need because it helps with navigating the cost of the project. The Architect will do whats required to maintain the budget cost but must be aware at all times of any possible changes. Changes that are caused due to onsite conditions during the project that were unforeseen or client request changes. When a client gives its budget you would always hope the bids return with a fee below the budget. This will give a bit of wiggle room for any issue that may arise.