Course Video - Firm Financials - Objective 2.1

REQUEST: Can we have the copy of Financial Documents Examples (PL, BS, AB, PP) shown on course video objective 2.1? It is very challenging to follow the video and do some practice calculation when you don’t have something to look for either electronic/hard copy - it was discussed today during the workshop and everyone seems agree with it.

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Hi @tjecatleano - thanks for the feedback! Just want to point out that the docs that we use in our firm financial virtual workshops are in the same format as those in our videos, so you should be able to practice with them during the workshops. We’ll look into a way to share these resources within our video content as well.
Just a tip - I made those spreadsheets myself and I think the act of doing that really reinforced all of the formulas and interrelationships between the inputs. It’s a great way to internalize the information while watching the videos!