Dashboard Quizzes?

I’m getting emails and notifications that BS launched quizzes in the member dashboard. Where can we find them? I’ve tried after chapter videos, and everywhere else on my dashboard to no avail.

Hi @oliviaggreene !

If you click on the Black Spectacles logo on the top left corner of the webpage, it should take you back to your dashboard. See the attached image to see where the practice quizzes are located. Thanks!


Hi @oliviaggreene! While Rebecca is correct to point out that there is an archive of practice questions on the ARE Community, there are also new quizzes on your dashboard itself. They should be accessible just below Video lectures on each dashboard. Check out the screenshot.

Huh, yeah that section on my dashboard doesn’t seem to be showing up yet. Hopefully it pops up soon.

Hi @oliviaggreene!

Happy to help! You should notice the quizzes on your dashboard for all divisions except for CE. This is because you were currently viewing our old content (Mike Newman videos) when we switched to the new CE content. Please send me an email at hello@blackspectacles.com, or use the chat function on our site, and I can chat with you about switching your dashboard to our new content :slight_smile: