Financial Study Material

I recently took the exam and although i studied for a few months, I had difficulty with the financial questions and wondered if anyone had more resources regarding the financial study materials. I have ballast books and went to all the workshops, I would like more practice exam questions in this area, with backup of answers to understand the results. I realize this is proprietary but any suggestions are appreciated.

Hi @Lfield ,

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience on this exam. I’ve heard from many candidates that the PcM exam in particular had a lot of calculations and they struggled with time management as a result.

I actually had a similar question come up in our recent PjM workshop regarding “Changes in Cost”. I found these particular pages in the “Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice” helpful to study in order to nail those financial questions:

Page 410: financial definitions
Page 417: Backgrounder w/ net multiplier calculation example
Page 439-443: Profit planning ** this is a good one to look at
Page 636: Multiplier list (& key monitoring terms)

In addition, our expert practice question writer has been including calculations questions in the PjM & PcM weekly practice quizes due to popular demand. Check them out at the link below. The emphasis on calculations questions starts back in May.

And last but not least, you can check out some of our old podcasts for more instruction on working through calculations!

I recently did a PjM Workshop preview on the ARE Live Podcastand ran through some calculations.

Hope this helps!