PCM. Question 10 - Quizz 2. Subject not covered in study material

The explanation for the correct answer for Q10 is lacking, makes assumptions of knowledge while it has not been covered in the study materials. It does not offer a description of the reasonings why to do those steps to get the right answer.

Please develop further explanations and point to the study material sections to review.

Hi @sofi.surreal - thanks for writing in! I adjusted the explanation to that question to make the steps clearer and just messaged that to you. I’m going to edit your post to remove the question itself from the text - please don’t post paid content on the community.

Cost of work estimates are a tough topic to cover - questions about them show up in many divisions and the format of estimates can vary. For that reason, it’s important to practice (with questions like this) in order to be ready for these types of questions on the ARE.

Thanks again and good luck on your next exam!