Function Vs. Use

@coachlizschneider could you explain more on when to use Function vs. Use? We talked about it in 12/6 workshop, but could use more info. Thanks!

@dcadriel Absolutely! Use classifications are designated in chapter 3. All spaces and functions fall under 1 of 10 uses; Assembly, Business, Educational, Factory, Institutional, High Hazard, Mercantile, Residential, Storage, and Utility. These uses are used through out IBC to help set height and area restrictions, fire separations requirements, and means of egress requirements. The function of the space comes into play when we are looking at a chart like 1004.1.2 to determine the occupant load. For example, a university classroom most likely will fall under the business use classification, but the function of the space is still a classroom. So when determining the occupant load for that space you would look under classroom area instead of business area.