Has anyone here passed the PPD exam? I took it the first last year (2023) just to see what it was like, and I failed, but not miserably. This time it was really bad. I am a bit lost on where to go next. I feel like I studied in English and the test was written in a foreign language.

Hi @jhabib9834! Welcome to the ARE Community! We are happy to have you here.

I’m sorry to hear that your PPD attempts did not go as planned. When I took the ARE in 2022, I also did not pass PPD and it was a difficult obstacle to overcome. I understand your frustration, but know that you are not alone!

Your NCARB Score Report can be used as a tool to formulate a strategized study plan moving forward. I would love to meet with you to review your score report(s) and help you establish a game plan for your PPD retake. Feel free to reach out to me at if you are interested!.

Keep your head up and continue to persevere as you’ve been doing. You got this!

Kiara Galicinao, AIA, NCARB
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