How to choose legal entity type

Choosing a legal entity:
I have had several questions about choosing a legal entity type in my exams but don’t see this reflected in the Black Spectacles materials. Where is this covered? Is there a dichotomous key we can refer to for choosing the entity type? Failed PcM 2 times now and am getting desperate.

I would refer to the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice (AHPP) - pg.199-202. They break down all of the different legal structures in Table 5.1. - below is a table I found on the NCARB ARE-Community page under PcM. Check out their forum as well for references.


Thanks! I like this chart. How about control of the practice? How does the control of the firm differ by the entity type?
For instance a new firm with 3 equal partners vs an established firm as sole proprietor wishing to grow to allow for more partners but still wishing to maintain control of the entity?