I need to know what is the best way to tackle the materials through Black spectacles

Hi, I just finished the General B license exams and the next goal is to start taking ARE exams. The C & E has a lot of similarities with General B exams, it’s going to be the first exam to start. My question here is what’s the strategy to tackle the material through Black Spectacle? Should I review all the lectures first then materials and practice tests at the end? Or I should go through it by phases.
Thank you

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Hi @SAM & welcome to the community!

Let’s see if one of our expert architects can answer this for you! @coachglennparks do you mind helping Sam?!

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Hi Sam,
I recommend starting with a journey map. Sketch out a process from your exam date working back to now. It’s going to be a personal journey of using the various Black Spectacles (and supplemental materials) that work with your individual study style, schedule, and your attention span. For example, some like to view the lectures, take notes and review notes for a set period of time each session, say 30 to forty minute blocks. Others like to take frequent breaks off from non-ARE activities (work, life) and use the study as a useful diversion. And then, there are those who like to take deep dives into the materials in long blocks of undiverted time, say like several 4-5 hours sessions on weekends. BKS allows for all these variations. Perhaps you can form a Virtual Community study group with other BKS participants now prepping the CE exam. This gives you a sense of others on a parallel journey to stimulate ideas. Nothing is more important than committing to following a map, even if the map gets revised as you go. Read, view, draw, reflect (consider personal anecdotes to relate to the material or imagine ways to reach out in real life to other professional peers to get that experience), and rest. Lather, rinse, repeat. -Glenn

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