Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Hello, I was watching the P&A video from Mike Newman about Life Cycle Cost Analysis. I am trying to understand when should we consider LCA. Does it make sense to start LCA as early as Schematic Design Phase?

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Hi @ellakui ! @coachjakegroth can you answer this one?

Yes, I can take this on.

First off good question with a typical NCARB non black/white answer (haha). The LCA is a living analysis meaning it should be updated throughout the project. At the beginning big numbers and potential savings are present while the project’s design and its impact are more fluid. As the project continues onward these costs and design become more solidified and difficult to change, while the potential for savings also drops.

The above is for a full build LCA. There can also be smaller LCA’s for building copoments like, the HVAC system. These types of LCA’s would occur during the schematic phase to understand environmental and economic impact. The results would be tied into the overall project LCA at a later date.

A helpful resource is from the GSA. Where additonal terms are discussed.

Thank you so much! The resource link is helpful too!!