Metal Studs - Division 05 vs 09

It is my understanding that structural metal framing belongs in Division 05, while non-structural metal framing belongs in Division 09.

My confusion comes from the answer to one of the case study questions on the PDD practice exams. The case study is about a 10,000 sf renovation in a manufacturing facility. The owner asks that the existing masonry walls be furred out to provide a newly finished drywall surface on metal studs. The question asks which Specification Divisions would be affected.

The answer key notes that 05 would need to be updated to include the studs. For this application, I thought that the metal studs would be considered non-structural metal framing, because all they are doing is holding up drywall.

Can anyone provide some clarification on the difference between structural metal framing from 05 and non-structural metal framing from 09?


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@coachchrishopstock can you please take a look into this question?


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I wondered the same thing when i went through that question. thanks for asking it. looking forward to the answer


This question also says
Correct. Division 26 (electrical) is the main reason for the furring out of the walls. Division 26 would need to be adjusted to reflect the change from electrical in masonry walls to electrical in stud walls.
But the question mentions of the reason for the furring of the wall is to have newly finished drywall, nothing about electrical
@coachadamcoers can you check this question? It’s just very confusing.

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If you look at the CSI masterformat for Division 05; Section 05 40 00 refers to “Cold Formed Metal Framing”. I believe this is what the exam is intending for this one. This section often times can include both structural and non-structural studs but can also cross reference the division 9 non structural studs; but I think the idea is that the exam is trying to show metals are Div 05 without going into the different interpretations on what studs are 09 vs 05 because every firm may do things differently.

Without actually seeing the question it’s hard to truly decipher what the intent was; but this would be my best guess as to why they are selecting Div 05 for the studs.

Hope this helps!

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Hi all - thanks for the discussion about this question!
I agree that the studs referenced in this question would be non-structural, therefore I’ve revised this to a ‘check 3’ question, where division 05 is incorrect.
Regarding electrical, I removed the reference to this being the main reason for the revision, since the question doesn’t state this clearly but rather simply implies it. One of the reasons to furr-out an existing masonry wall is to conceal the electrical wiring, as opposed to placing it in rigid conduit on top of the walls.

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