P&A Resources

Sun Wind and Light, 3rd Edition:
PT VI Microclimates
PT VI Buildings Scale
PT VI Mass Arrangement

Architectural Graphic Standards, 12th Edition:
Solar Path and Angles p.79
Soil Definitions, Terms, Classifications p.274
Expansive Soils p.278

Architect’s Studio Companion 2017:
Natural Ventilation p.231-233
Thermal Mass p.234-236
Stack Ventilation p.394

Building Construction Illustrated 5th Ed. Francis D.K. Ching
Sections 1.02-1.38, The Building Site

Heating, Cooling, and Lighting 4th Ed. Norbert Lechner
Section 3, Basic Principles
Section 10, Passive Cooling
Section 11, Site Design
Section 19, Checklist for Designing Integrated Sustainable Buildings