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Hello everyone! I hope your early studies are going well! I encourage all of you to ask questions on this forum and to share your thoughts, questions, and tips with your fellow candidates. We’re all in this together and since everyone is studying the material together, this would be a good way to filter out repetitive questions and to better refine what (3) questions you would like answered during our next meeting. Best of luck!

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Do we just hit reply to post here?
I heard in one of the videos that no one knows what a passing score is on the exams, is that true? Do we really not know what a passing score is or how many questions we need to get right?

According to NCARB, a passing score ranges from "between 57% and 68%.

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I heard the specific rate is not known because the exam has multiple version and randomly picked when you take the exam. The difficulty of it is slightly different depending on what questions you got.

Does anyone have good example of “Heritage” for general obligation?

AIA Code of Ethics

“ES.1.3 Natural and Cultural Heritage: Members should respect and help conserve their natural and cultural heritage…”

Natural heritage would be the biodiversity inherited from previous generations including flora and fauna (know these 2 terms).

Cultural heritage

In this context (AIA Code of Ethics) Heritage is referring to historically significant architecture.
This link shows some successful examples.

Questions from practice exam 1.
Q1: Performance management steps (What are the 4 steps)?

  • Good setting and development
  • Self appraisal
  • Supervisors appraisal
  • ?

Q6: about equal opportunity law. It is explained that it is ok to ask what language you speak. I thought this is kind of related to find out what race you are and not supposed to be asked. Any comments?

Q8: What is landmark of construction law?

Q14: Fair labor and standards act applies majority of the firms with $500k in gross revenue except professional occupation. What determines the “professional occupation”?

Our group coaching dashboard shows meeting time as CST. Is it supposed to be PT? Please advise.

On what date will there be an ARE Live: Mock Exam Review for PcM?

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