Photovoltaic panel angle

pdd exam -2 ,mc
“Allowing for panel adjustability, what is the ideal pitch for the roof of a winery”
the answer is +10 of latitude.
it refers to BCI, but BCI only indicates"Photovoltaic modules are inclined at an angle as close to the area’s latitude as possible to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy year-round."
I can only find + 10 degrees for the solar water heater.
Any one know if this +10 of latitude is correct?

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@coachchrishopstock can you please dig into this question and see if you can help @xurubi ?


Hey @xurubi - thanks for brining this to my attention.
I checked Architectural Graphic Standards (page 762) and they recommend a variety of different angles based on whether the peak load demand is in the summer or winter. They also note that if the degree is within 10-15 degrees of the azimuth, the performance degradation is quite small.
We’ll revise this question according to the information found in AGS.
Thanks again and good luck in your studies!

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