PPD quiz section 5, question 3

The quiz question presents a problem where a restaurant project is over budget and needs to be value engineered. It states the client wants low E glazing and brick to match other locations. The choices are to shrink the building, remove low E coating, select different brick or change furniture. It states the correct answer is to change furniture but FFE is not part of a construction budget so how can that be a correct answer?

Hi @jplecha - FFE is included in the Cost of the Work. If it’s provided by the contractor, it’s part of the Cost of the Work according to AIA B101, article 6.1, because it includes ‘the total cost to the Owner to construct all elements of the Project…’ If it’s owner-provided, it’s included because the Cost of the Work includes 'the reasonable value of labor, materials, … furnished by the owner (Also AIA B101, article 6.1).

Not to sound snarky but I guess I’ll file this under one of those questions that makes no sense in the real world. If a client asked me to VE the design of a restaurant, that is part of a chain, and my suggestion was to change their furniture I don’t think I would get much repeat work from them.