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I graduated from architecture school in 2005. I recently started my own business and so I am on a serious mission to get my license once and for all. I have passed PA and PPD in the last 3 months. PDD is next up. I’ve heard that this test requires a bit more resource material to round out your studying. I have purchased Architectural Detailing and Building Construction Illustrated. Both have been helpful.

I have an old copy of Building Codes Illustrated - 1st Edition from my school days which was published in 2003. I know its on the list from NCARB. Do I really need to purchase the latest (sixth) edition for IBC 2018 or will the old version do? I can’t image THAT many things have changed in the code, right?

Hello @Stephen -

Congrats on passing PA and PPD in three months time! In regards to the edition of Building Codes Illustrated it is really up to you. The reality is that there have been changes in the last 18 years to the code mostly around occupancies, building heights and areas, as well as egress information. If you think you have a good grasp on the current code and are using this as a supporting document then I am sure it is fine. However if you are using it as a primary study source you may want to think of investing in the newer edition.

Best of luck!


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