Site analysis question

Hi what is the concept of placing buildings near ponds on a site, why would you place a building on the north side of a pond rather than the south side and vice versa?

I get that trees give shading and don’t build on the drip line, do rocks do anything on a site to help near a building?

Also I get the general soils but is clayey gravel stronger than silty gravel? Sometimes the combination of these can get a little more specific.


Thanks for taking time to post in the forum. The general concept of placing buildings near ponds would depend on the other information that is provided, such as soil type, wind direction, and views. All of these factors would have to be considered in order to give you an answer as to why a certain location would be preferred over another.

In regards to your question about soils, it would also depend on the site conditions. However clay is a smaller grain than silt so gravel mixed with clay would be less desirable to silt mixed with gravel.

Let me know if any other issues come up!



Ok great I get it