Story Drift

Need confirmation i’m getting this right…
Allowable story drift = 1/500 x height of building
so if the building is 420’ tall
1/500 x 420 = 0.84
what is the 0.84? feet? so approx 10"?
Am i reading this right?

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@coachmarkbailey @coachadamcoers Could you perhaps help on this question and the one on HVAC that i have. My exam is on Sunday.


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Yes. You are correct in your this. With 1/500 you are allowed 1” of deflection for every 500” of building height. So as you can see, the taller you go the more the building will sway.

An easier way to go about doing it is convert your height from feet to inches and then divide by the deflection limit (500 in this case)

Best of luck!

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