Table 506.2.4


Could you walk thru how to obtain allowable building area for a multi story mixed use?

I am very confused on the language about “the aggregate sum of the ratios of the actual area of each story divided by the allowable area of such stories…”. how is one supposed to determine the allowable area of each story?

As i am looking back at our situation from the workshop, we had a horizontal separation from 510.2 so i think we would actually use 506.2.3 to calculate allowable area. However now i am just curious about my previous question

i may have just found it, in 508.4.2, however i am still confused on what this means and how it use it.

ok @coachadamcoers i found this video online that helped me understand better so i think im good now: [video](AC 039 - How to figure out the allowable area for multi-occupancy & multi-story buildings. - YouTube)


The international code council (ICC),the writers of the IBC, have a very helpful commentary section which walks through this calculation.

these calculations can be very confusing at times, but it’s helpful to know that the IBC does have a commentary version that helps explain various elements.