3rd FAIL!

I’ve just failed PDD for the 3RD TIME! I met all the requirements for the guarantee, but I technically don’t fall under an individual membership, so no benefit there. I spend countless hours studying different resources and by different methods, but my performance levels on the score report never change! I am feeling so discouraged.

@kristin.russell724 -

I am sorry to hear that you did not pass on your third time. I also had trouble passing certain tests when I took them. Perhaps you should switch tests and loop back around to PDD in a few months.


@kristin.russell724, I am sorry to hear that! While that can be discouraging, don’t give up hope.

One of the approaches I did when I was going through the process, is take a practice exam to gauge where you are feeling comfortable vs maybe not so hot, then you could focus on the other areas as a fault.

I also like @coacheliserenwick’s recommendation of taking a break and coming back to it after a pass or two on the other exams. Those little victories really do help with the confidence as you go through the exam, and sometimes that’s all you need :slight_smile:

Hang in there!