ANSI and FHA question

Can you explain this? I’m not sue if I get why its using ANSI and not FHA, doesn’t FHA say the dwelling accessibility requirements for bathrooms?

During an accessibility review, the consultant cites an issue with a type A bathroom within one of the dwelling units. After reviewing the construction documents, the consultant notices that they call for the bathroom to be type B.

In order to resolve this conflict, which of the following codes or standards would the architect need to research?

ICC A117.1

Correct. This is the accessibility standard referenced by the International Building Code, and it has information about type A and type B bathrooms.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Incorrect. The ADA does not describe bathrooms as type A or B.

Fair Housing Act

Incorrect. Although the A117.1 type B unit is similar to the Fair Housing Act (FHA) requirements, the FHA describes the bathrooms as specification A and specification B.

Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards

Incorrect. These standards are used when there is HUD funding involved.

Reference: ICC A117.1-2009 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Hi @sergioclaure93 !

Great question! Although the FHA does describe bathrooms as specification A and B as the answer states, we would reference the ANSI for a number of reasons. First, as architects we reference the IBC which then points to the ANSI on how to design elements of a building to be accessible. Second, the question asks about Type A and B bathrooms which are both found in ANSI (as mentioned before FHA doesn’t call them Type A and B, they call them specification A and B) so the wording of the question plays a role as well. Thanks!


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Ok I see that helps thanks.

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