ARE Live: Women in Architecture

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In our upcoming ARE Live episode on December 16, a panel of female architects will join us to discuss the unique challenges women face in the architecture field. Our guest speakers will share what they wish they had known when beginning their licensure journey, advice for finding mentors, and action items for everyone in the field to foster a more inclusive and equitable space.

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Thank you to our panelists:
Liz Schneider, AIA, Goettsch Partners Associate, CWA Vice President
Jen Park, AIA Brininstool + Lynch Principal, founding member of AIA Chicago’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee
Alicia Ponce AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, Living Future Accredited, APMonarch Founding Principal

Join the conversation and share your experience as a woman in architecture in the comment section below. What challenges have you faced? What advice would you share with others?

We’ll see you LIVE on Thursday, December 16 at noon Central!

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Hi everyone! Go Women in Architecture! :slight_smile:

Hi! Excited for this panel!

Hello! Thanks for providing this panel all about Women in Architecture

Hi Jen, Liz and Alicia.

Thank you for having this!

hello hello everyone! so excited for this panel! thank you!


Hello all thanks for joining!

Hi Alicia, I love what Arquitina is doing will the cohort expand to the west coast?

The percentage of women and men graduating from architecture school is 50/50. The problem is in the workforce/office… I was in the middle of writing but Jen covered it. Thanks, Jen.

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I’m curious if the guests think that one barrier to more women, particularly women of color, in the field is the education requirements. I believe there is some discussion in the field about increasing pathways to the field/licensure through apprentice programs that used to be more common.

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