Black Spectacles Resources

We’re happy to have you here in our ARE Community, and want to outline some of our other resources available to you:

ARE Live - Chosen as one of ArchDaily’s best podcasts for architects (humble brag), this is our free podcast, airing monthly, with the aim of helping you navigate the ARE and become a licensed architect. In recent months, we’ve started hosting a simultaneous thread during the broadcast on the community here, so we can engage with participants and get everyone’s questions answered by an expert.

Reports - Stay on top of industry trends and tips with our in-depth reports which are survey-driven, case studies or coveted pieces of advice from licensed professionals. The purpose of these are to be references that last a lifetime for all architects and designers, so no matter the stage of your career, there’s something for you to learn.

Blog - Articles featuring advice and interviews with firm leads, architects and experts that are just long enough you can read them during your morning coffee (or evening wine, we aren’t here to judge). Some recent posts include “5 Architecture & Engineering Firms Currently Hiring” and “ARE Live Recap: Diversity in Architecture,” so check those out and stay tuned for more.

As we expand our offerings, we will update this post, but we have more than enough to get you started (as if you don’t have enough homework already). Enjoy!

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