B101 meeting vs. post-occupancy evaluation

Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me understand the difference between a post-occupancy evaluation (supplemental services) vs. the meeting to review the facility operations and performance up to one year following Substantial Completion, cited in B101 (basic services).

Are there certain tasks or criteria that differentiate the two (as in, is the meeting just a discussion, whereas a post-occupancy evaluation is a more of a walk-through)?

Hoping my question is clear! It’d be great to understand what an owner would be getting if they requested a post-occupancy review as a supplemental service in the contract?

Thank you!

Sorry, I meant B101

Hello @desireegcurrie -

This is a great question! Perhaps our on staff architect can clarify the differences for you @coachchrishopstock.

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Hi @desireegcurrie I’d be happy to help!
The one-year review cited in B101 is just a meeting between the architect and owner, and is actually included in the B101 as somewhat of a self-serving meeting for architects. It’s a chance to get back in front of the owner, discuss the highlights of the project, and perhaps talk about upcoming projects that the owner may have in their pipeline, or other additional services that the architect could perform on the completed project.
A post-occupancy evaluation is much more in-depth - hence the additional fee. It includes meeting with users of the building, a review of any public or customer responses to the facility, notes on aesthetic or functional issues that need to be addressed, etc. The post-occupancy evaluation is also documented. All of the above is not performed at the basic-service one-year review.
I should also mention, we’re dropping a whole new CE course tomorrow, 10/26, where we cover these topics in detail. We have one video all about substantial completion, and another that covers post-occupancy services. Check it out when you have a chance!

@coachchrishopstock this is exceptionally helpful and perfectly timed for my test tomorrow! Thank you for being quick and clear about the distinction.

@desireegcurrie - I hope you passed the exam with flying colors.

@coachchristinaassmann, thank you! I did pass & am grateful you all wished me luck at that last workshop :blush:

@desireegcurrie - Great news! If there is any particular advise you could share with everyone here, I would love to hear about it.

@coachchristinaassmann, I think what helped me most with passing my retake was:

  • learn A201 as much as possible
  • internalize the BS flashcard definition of design phases – it will come in handy with questions re: scheduling
  • memorize & internalize the information in AHPP figure 9.2 (p. 513) and figure 9.3 (p. 516)

Good luck to everyone taking it!

Thanks, @desireegcurrie, for the tips! Good luck with the rest of your exams!