Getting feedback from the community on a project

Should the architect initiate community meetings and/or outreach with regards to projects that may have an affect on a nearby residential neighborhood? Would this ever be the case or should the owner do this? Thanks

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This is a great question…

One of the things that confuses candidates about the B101 is that the scope of basic services does not start with “pre-design” or “conceptual development”. Rather, it starts with “schematic design”. The B101 is intended to be used and signed when the owner already has a general idea about the scope, budget, and shape of the project.

B202 is " B202-2020 Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Programming."

While this document isn’t one listed on the NCARB reference list, reviewing it can help us answer your questions. The B202 is used when the owner requires an architect’s assistance in developing the program for their project. It’s through this contract that the owner might hire the architect to conduct interviews or other investigations to help inform building design.

So, the owner might engage an architect to perform services related to information gathering and the community, specifically through services included in the B202 document, but the architect would not be required to perform these duties as a part of the B101 Standard form of Agreement between the Owner and Architect. This would need to be something the owner specifically directed the architect to do and not something the architect would do of their own authority.

I think it most likely that if the owner wishes the architect to lead some sort of community outreach they would do so as a part of a supplemental service to the B202 contract. Unless the owner specifically delegates this to the architect and they both agree to the service/fee the architect is not responsible for providing community outreach at all through the B101 or beyond the basic scope of services included in the B202.


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