Building SF increase equations

Will we need to know or memorize equations regarding how to increase square footage or frontage of a building due to having sprinklers or open space? I came across some stuff about this and the are community get into it a little. I’ve found how to do it in the IBC book, but of course the equations are very lengthy so I am wondering if I need to focus on this or will they give us the equation if this comes up or what? Also, I keep reading to refer to Table 503 which I can not find anywhere and not even in the IBC book. There are also topics additionally to this that talk about using Tables to know how many stories and SF a building can have based on the Building Type. I wanted to get this out there because all of this seems like a lot and I’m just not understanding enough to be comfortable.

I found the Table 503. If you google Table 504.3 IBC and it is a PDF from a website There are some youtube videos explaining how to read it and then the Table is pretty straight forward. I do still wonder what kind of questions will come of this regarding equations to increase SF or even finding how many stories a building could have with specific building construction types