C&E Practice Exam 2 Case Study - Application for Payment

I do not know this is a trick question or just incorrect reference/item. The provided application for payment seems to have incorrect calculation or input in it. Line #5 Retainage should be 30,515.78 instead of 30,515.42 based on other numbers in the form. Either trick or incorrect information, in the actual test situation if the information provided is incorrect, what do we need to do? in this case which number do we need to use. Fortunately in this case answer will not affect, but in test situation never know the answer might affect. Please let me know.

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Hi @smoriny ,

We will see if we can get you clarification on this.
@coachchrishopstock can you please take a look at this when you get a chance?


Hi @smoriny - thanks for your question! @coachdarionziegler actually provided some great insight into this topic on her last ARE Live, when she noted that the ARE accepts a range of answers that account for rounding tolerances.
Regarding this particular question, it’s not a trick question and you shouldn’t expect trick questions on the ARE. The pay app provides a total retainage number, which equals exactly 5% of the total completed and stored to date. I wouldn’t spend my time adding up all of the individual retainage amounts on the ARE - just use the total if it’s provided.
It’s not uncommon on pay apps for rounding to happen - for this one, you’re talking about a 36-cent difference on a 30.5k figure - an extremely small percent error that is acceptable on pay apps. For this pay app, it looks like the individual retainage amounts were all rounded, but the actual figure used was 5% of the total.
Also note that this is a real-world pay app, not something that was made up. The difference we’re talking about here is 36-cents on a $281k payment - not something worth arguing over.
I hope this was helpful and good luck on your next exam!

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