Civil Eng

Why does the owner contract direct with the civil rather than with the Arch?

AiA B101 Contract stipulates in Article 3.1: " The Architect’s Basic Services consist of those described in this Article 3 and include usual and customary structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services. Services not set forth in this Article 3 are Supplemental or Additional Services.

First, this is telling us that the Civil is not part of the basic architectural services. It’s considered a supplemental or additional service. If you go to Article 4 you can see Supplemental service Civil Engineering. You can have under your contract the civil engineer or surveyor, but you might want to consider if is something you want to have responsibility for, as most of their work is highly technical and their typical scope of work does not involve design. AiA - Retaining Survey or Geotechnical Consultants Risk

Hopes this makes sense to you.