"Architect's General Service" definition

In the Black Spectacle’s Exam there is a question about “architect’s general services”…
What is a definition of “general services:”?
What is the difference between “basic services” and “general services” ( it is defined that “…Schematic Design is a phase of standard services and may or may not be required on every project”… So I assume the Basic Scope is not a General Service…

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Hi @aj1 ! Let’s get one of our expert architects to help clarify the difference. @coachbryanhadley do you mind helping?

Hi @aj1,

I wouldn’t read into this too much.

“General Services” and “Basic Services” are often used interchangeably. As these show up on practice exams, both can be taken to align with “Basic Services” as defined and used by the AIA B101 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect.

Where this matters to you as an ARE candidate and future architect is your knowledge and understanding of the differences between “Basic Services,” “Supplemental Services,” and “Additional Services” as they are defined and used by the AIA.

I hope this helps.

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