Combustible Facade Material

The practice exam says you that 40 ft out of the 85 ft building must be clad with a fire-resistant panel system.
If the code allows a maximum of 40 ft combustible material above grade, shouldn’t the answer be 45ft?


Hey ridlby,

So I reached out and asked about this, and it is actually correct as we have it, but it might be a bit confusing how it’s written. What the question is asking essentially is how far above grade you can go with a combustible material. 1406.2.1.2 states “combustible exterior wall coverings shall be limited to 40 feet in height above grade plane.” This does not mean the wall has a net height of 40’ that is allowed to be combustible, but rather anything over 40’ from grade must be fire-rated because a fire truck hose cannot shoot water any higher.

Hope this helps!

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