Current transition to new test question

Hi, I just took and failed the PDD. Essentially, I ran out of time, this is the last test and I’ve not had that issue before and so I feel sort of stupid for such a rookie move- I was working as fast as I could and it seemed like the test had an inordinate number of complicated math heavy questions that took time to execute. My question is this, as I was rescheduling this test I saw that NCARB is going to restructure the test to reduce the number or complexity of the questions and I could not locate an exact time that this will happen. Does anyone know? I’d rather just wait and take the shorter test but I don’t want to wait too long and had made a personal goal to finish this year! Also I saw that they are going to remove the scratch paper and give you a white board to use which seems like it will be very difficult to work with on these types of longer math focused questions.

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There is a webinar / zoom meeting about it tonight hosted by NCARB. Everyone should tune in and watch.

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Hi @robin, I know that must have been extremely frustrating. And I understand wanting to know whether you should hold off until NCARB changes their structure or go ahead & retake the test as soon as possible.

Let’s see what one of our expert architects has to say! @coachlizschneidern do you mind helping Robin?

@robin don’t forget to update your dashboard to receive a fail consultation with one of our architects.