Curtain wall questions & fire protection

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Following up on the PDD session yesterday.

what methods are available to provide fire protection on glass curtain walls?

how does a glass curtain wall terminate at the top (roof) and bottom (slab)?


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The main issue with fire and curtain walls is the translation of fire and heat between stories. Typically, a continuously sealed fire stop (usually noncombustible material like mineral wool or fiberglass) would be applied between slab edge and interior of curtain wall. At the same time, the spandrel panel might also have noncombustible insulation and a fire resistant coating, while the vertical mullion could be protected as well. Here’s a link to a good article for more info, as well as a page in Building Construction Illustrated that touches on a typical curtain wall detail.

As for curtain wall terminations at top and bottom, there are many ways “to skin a cat.” A nice looking approach at the roof is a fly-by parapet (first detail in this article is a good example). If the curtain wall goes all the way down to grade, it will likely be attached to a curb with rigid insulation in front and flashing to push water to the exterior. This publication might help visualize some examples.

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