Design Negotiate Build project delivery

Alex Anamos - in the lecture portion of study - describes the DNB as delivery where the contractor is involved earlier in the process (graphically it points to SD vs DBB in Bidding time)
Then the description changes in “Vocabulary” portion of lecture : the Owner requests proposals instead of bids… If one is involved since SD wouldn’t that be a Construction Manager as Adviser - if involved since SD in lecture?
I thought Negotiated Bids are when Owner doesn’t award the lowest bidder and negotiates cost. Thank you!!!

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Hi @aj1 That’s a great question! Let’s see if one of our expert architects can provide some clarity. @coachglennparks do you mind helping Alex?

Hi Monica,
I think I can help, but can you send link to the lecture he’s referring?


Hi Alex,

Good question! In DNB, the Owner pre-qualifies a contractor. Instead of competitively submitting a bid on documents describing the work, the owner selects a contractor early in the process based on their qualifications. When design documents are complete, the final construction costs are negotiated by the General Contractor through bids from Subcontractors on various scopes of work. Check out the differences in role definitions of CMc (Construction Manager - Constructor) and CMa (Construction Manager - Advisor).

In DBB, a number of competitive bids from various contractors are delivered and, typically for public work, the most responsive, lowest bid is selected. For private work, the most responsive bid is chosen by the owner and includes their assessment of the qualifications of the lowest bid price. They may select a higher bid if they like the qualifications of the higher bidding contractor. However, in DBB, the idea is that all the bidders are responding to contract documents independently prepared by the design team without the construct-ability input from a specific contractors.

In DBB, the owner can negotiate with the contractor after bidding to reduce costs, but the contract documents will have to be amended to address the description (basis) of the work.

CMa’s inform the owner along the way (before bidding) but do not coordinate sub-contractor pricing or manage risks. They advise the process to add value to the development of contract documents for bidding.

Project delivery methods vary. It’s good to map out the roles. However, I believe the video lecture is describing the value of receiving pricing information prior to completion of contract documents. Though it may cost the Owner more, there is potential for better coordination in sussing more of the total project parameters from both design and construction aspects.


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