Does property near river post any flood concern?

if a property is next to a river without any further FEMA info , should that be a drive to look for a flood plan during site analyze?

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I would think so. You need to get to find how often will it flood so you can plan ahead.


Hi @xurubi ,

Like @mingo.draft says hopefully you are considering flooding when siting a building next a river! If you encounter a question on this hopefully the prompt is giving you context about the desires & considerations are… You definitely don’t want to put a building right on the river unless you are prepared for some serious design work to make sure it doesn’t flood!

Did you study the Farnsworth House in school? It floods all the time and it’s a huge issue.

As well, if you’re interested in getting practice in reading FEMA maps you can do so for free on their website! Here’s the flood map of the Red’s baseball stadium right off of the Ohio River for example: FEMA Flood Map Service Center | Search By Address

Hope this helps!