Exceed Allowable Occupancy & Furniture Plan

question regarding max allowable occupancy and furniture plan

B use group.
total building sf=2000sf

program includes 500sf conference room and 1500sf open area for cubicles.
total occupant load=14 people

if the cubicle furniture plan shows 14 workstations and the conference room shows a table with 8 chairs and a table, would this plan be over the allowable occupancy?

Thank you

Hi @wildlandguy - If, on the ARE, you were provided with the plan you’re describing and asked to calculate the occupant load, I think the question would need to give instructions on whether to use the factor in table 1004.5 or use the actual occupant load. If it didn’t, I’d use the factor in table 1004.5.

IBC 1004.5, exception, and 1004.5.1, talk about what happens when the occupant load of a space is actually going to be more or less than the number you’d arrive at using table 1004.5. The IBC gives the building official some latitude to use their discretion in these cases because the code can’t possibly account for all situations.