Feasibility Analysis vs. Site Analysis

Can someone explain the difference and/or similarities between the feasibility analysis and site analysis? When given the types of questions that are select three or four, in regards to feasibility analysis and site analysis, some of the answer choices in the practice exams are confusing/grey area.

For example, during a feasibility analysis, what documents are needed during initial site analysis? Soil report was one of the correct choices but in another question it wasn’t. (Also for this question, I am not sure why a wind rose diagram is not one of the documents that are needed).

A similar practice exam question asks what should the architect consider for the initial site analysis and, soil report was not one of the correct answers…

Hi @gjeong212 - I think those two terms are pretty interchangeable. AIA B203 (which isn’t a resource for the exam but has some clues to answer this question) talks about ‘site evaluation and project feasibility studies’ in the same breath. Looking at AHPP, both terms are defined pretty similarly as well.

I don’t have the specific questions in front of me but I’d make sure I’m considering all of the information in the question, and not just keying in on the terms ‘site analysis’ or ‘feasibility study’ to determine what’s required.

One of your examples talks about an ‘initial site analysis’ and you say that the soil report was listed as not being required - that’s perhaps true of an initial site analysis, there are a number of other things to consider before the geotechnical report. If it’s a ‘check the three that apply’ question, for example, and other choices include a survey, zoning ordinance, and zoning map, I’d choose those 3 over a geotechnical report.

A wind rose is probably not part of an initial site analysis/feasibility study because you’d use that to begin to design the project - when thinking about shielding parts of the project from harsh winds. There are probably very few, if any, instances where the findings from a wind rose would make a site infeasible to build on.

I hope that was helpful and good luck on your next exam!

Hello @coachchrishopstock your response was super helpful.

To summarize, based on your explanation, information on soil, topography, flood zones, zoning, land survey are all helpful/needed for a feasibility/site analysis however there will be certain information that takes precedence.