CE Practice Exam #2 - Need clarifications

Hi, I just went through practice exam #2, and have a few questions that I’d love to get your help on. Please see below:

#1: This is a case study question. “The contractor has requested a material substitution. What information should the architect require to substantiate an appropriate material substation? Check four.”

The correct answers are, per AIA 201, 1) manufacturer’s literature, including but not limited to product description, performance and test data, and reference standards, 2) product identification, including manufacturer’s name, 3) When substitutions include modifications to other elements of the work, contractor shall provide revised design drawings stamped by a professional engineer for engineer and/or owner review, 4) Names and addresses of similar projects in which product was used, including date of installation and field performance data.

My question is in two parts – 1) I was unable to find any reference on all answers indicated on the A201, but I did find them on A701. Is this a mistake? If not, will you please point me to the correct headers in A201? 2) I could not find answer #4 even in A701. Will you please point me to the right spot for this information?

#2: This is a case study question. “The architect has submitted AIA Document A701 (Instructions to Bidders). Which of the following statements describe what each bidder must contractually represent? Check three.”

Correct answers are : 1) Bidder must visit the site, 2) Bid is based upon the materials, equipment and systems required by the bidding documents without exception, 3) Bidder agrees that no work shall begin until issuance of a notice to proceed by the owner.

My question is on answer #3 – I could not find this language in the referenced contract A701, but I did find this information on A101 instead, which is not one of the provided exhibits in this case study. Should this answer still deem valid if it is not present in the given exhibits but is true according to the AIA suite of documents?

I have another question on one of the incorrect answers : “Bidder acknowledges that the owner can occupy the facility prior to the stated completion date, even if it is not considered to be substantially complete by the architect”. The explanation says “Incorrect. Bidder acknowledges that the owner can occupy the facility prior to the stated completion date if it is considered to be substantially complete by the architect. A701 section 2.1.9”. Again, I was unable to find the reference section in A701… However, I did find in A201 section 9.9 that partial occupancy or use may commence whether or not the portion is substantially complete (screenshot below). Even though this question is referencing to A701, A201 is also provided. In this case, would this be considered a correct answer?

#3: This is a case study question. Question notes “The historic fort project encounters a major schedule delay based on an unforeseen site condition. The contractor submits a request for an extension of the construction schedule due to the discovery of soils with unsuitable bearing pressure. The general contractor states that a one-month extension of work beyond the original schedule is required to remove and replace the unsuitable soils. The contractor based the schedule on a removal and replacement duration of fourteen days, plus a contingency of seven days. How many days extension should the architect add to the contract documents?”

The correct answer is 30 days because “The 30 days required by the manufacturer “beyond the original schedule” would be added to the original 14 days scheduled by the contractor. The contingency of 7 days would remain unchanged with the contractor’s schedule. The contingency would not be added to the new schedule. The new schedule would result in 14 + 30 + 7 = 51 days; however, the “extension” to the original schedule would only be 30 days.”.

Will you please elaborate what is the 30-day requirement demanded by the manufacturer? There is no exhibit or note in the prompt that mentions any manufacturer. Where does the 30-day come from? In addition, my understanding from the question is that the original schedule is 14 days + 7 days of contingency = 21 days accounted by Contractor. If the GC asks for one-month extension of work, should the candidate assume it is a 28-, 30-, or 31-day schedule? Also, since the 7 days are accounted for contingency, would the new schedule be 14 days + one-month?

#4: This is a regular multiple choice question. “In a project delivery model that has the construction manager as advisor, who supervises and directs the work of the subcontractor?”

Choices are Subcontractor, General Contractor, Construction Manager, and Architect. The correct answer is subcontractor because “It is the subcontractor who supervises and directs their own work. They cooperate and coordinate with the general contractor.” according to AHPP.

My question is if you can elaborate specific page where this information occurs? I was unable to find this information in AHPP…

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

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Hi @samantha.lee , @coachglennparks will be able to help with these questions.

Hi Monica,
Some of these are very specific to the exam. Could they be referred to the person who constructed the questions for BlackSpectacles?

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Hi @monicafitzpatrick, may I ask if there are any updates to this thread? Thank you!

Hi Samantha,
Sorry, it’s been awhile since you first posted the four questions. Can you post one question per thread? Also, through your study, research, and reflection have you come across any additional information in your effort to answer each question? I didn’t write the test questions that you’re asking about, so I cannot tell you the basis they were derived. It would help me help you if you can update me on what you’ve learned, and we can review each question one at a time. Thanks, Coachglenn

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