I failed PcM...what should I do now?

I just failed the Practice Management Exam. I really struggled with time management and comprehending the way the exam was wording the questions. I found the wording very different than the practice exams.

Regardless, I’m wondering if I should retake the PcM as my next exam or take PjM or CE. I hear they have overlapping information. Any advice?

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Hi @michelle.t.tweed have y9ou had a chance to update your dashboard? We have a fail consult that @cat.heard9 provides. Please make sure to update your dashboard & we will reach out to provide detailed help!

In the meantime we have a CE Facebook Live Q&ARE tomorrow, Feb. 17th @6pm CT in our facebook group! You’ll be able to ask an expert architect all of your questions relate to the CE exam.

Hey @michelle.t.tweed - we’re sorry to hear that you didn’t pass the PcM exam, but rest assured that most candidates have a setback while testing and it’s totally normal.
I think either approach (taking PcM again, or moving on to PjM or CE) would make sense. I’d probably lean towards re-taking PcM because there are some references for that exam that do not overlap with any others (Law for Architects, Code of Ethics, etc.).
Good luck on your next exam, whichever it is, and don’t let one setback get in your way towards licensure!