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Hi I just failed my PJM and seems like I need to wait for 60 days until I can retake the exam. I realized project execution was my weak point and wondering if studying for CE would be a wise way to fill the gap will filling in for this 60 day wait time. I have only completed PCM so far.

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Hi @hacall & welcome to the Community!

So sorry to hear about your PjM exam. Let’s see if one of our expert architects can provide some helpful tips. @coachglennparks do you mind helping?

@hacall did you know we have an ARE Live next Thursday & the topic is How to Pass the ARE During Stressful Times ! I think you’d find this live useful! You can register here

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Please consider this only a minor setback and continue your positive proactive approach to pivot to review of CE! Is it wise? It may well be, but I recommend you review your overall road map for challenging all the exams and see if this fits. The pivot to CE content may be a good idea to build on the information you’ve recently reviewed, but with new twists. This way it may not feel like info and data fatigue on the PjM and will accomplish meeting the required review activity for CE. Feel free to follow up with me, but also check out the review sequence for the CE live workshops and develop and ask the workshop’s presenting coach the same question. Also, reach out to other black spectacles participants to get several points of view. Ultimately, it’s your trip and you know best where to go next. -CoachGlenn

Hi, we will new questions be posted for the practice quiz? It hasnt been updated since the end of July

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Hi @annymichel_mv new questions will be added this week!