I finally pass PDD

I finally pass PDD, on my 3rd try.

I did not do anything different this time, I guess the more you study the more prepare you get.

My main study material was Black spectacle, but I also used Ballast book and Exams, Hyper Fine Architecture Exams, Designer Hack Exams, Amber Exams.

Also, every time I took the exam, I looked for more information on the questions I was not sure about, and thank god I did, because I got a couple of questions from my previews fail exam.

Good luck everyone.


:100: :boom: AWESOME @PurpleHair ! We’re so happy for you!

Congratulations @PurpleHair !! That is wonderful news. Good luck continuing on in your professional architectural career :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Mark. I just passed PDD! -Ken Yip


Ken, Congratulations, I knew you had it in you! Ride that wave of success into licensure!

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