I Got a Pass!

Thank you PA coaches for the help. I give equal weight to the practice exams and the Sunday workshops in helping me get this exam PASSED. @elise.kunihiro helped with IBC and the other coach works in Atlanta helped with Historic and Soils…cleared up SO many workflow issues and also nuances between real-life and the test universe. Thank you so much.

Everyone else, I highly recommend the @desk_crits notes, saved so much time. Great basis from which to do the readings.


@coachjoeyandrada ^^^^ :slight_smile:

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That’s Awesome @pegy :boom: Congratulations!

We’d love for you to join our ARE Facebook Group It’s a great way to connect with current and future architects with the goal of helping everyone pass the ARE and advance in their careers. You’ll love it! :grinning:

I am so glad to hear that you got a pass! Just can’t over think those questions! Congrats! :crazy_face:


YASSSSS thank you @coachjoeyandrada

I’m there!

I just passed PDD! @monicafitzpatrick asked if I had any tips to share. PDD was a tough one for me. It took a few tries. I tried a range of study materials, but honestly, what pushed it over the finish line was doing the full Black Spectacles video series which broke the content down piece by piece in a very digestible way. I also didn’t realize until my last month of studying that BS runs the Sunday workshop series–all four of them for PDD were very helpful, especially for navigating the case studies. I highly recommend that people participate in those classes (the Code and Wall Assembly classes were particularly useful for me). Additionally, Ching’s Building Construction Illustrated and Building Code Illustrated were very helpful, as were the mechanical chapters of Architect’s Studio Companion. I also highly recommend watching the BS Mock Exams, even ones that are a few years old. Good luck to all those who are studying now. The thing to remember is that while it’s both a broad and complicated topic, give the question a second read to understand what they’re asking, they’re often trying to pin point one specific topic area quite precisely. I realized when I retook it yesterday that the questions were more straightforward than I had thought previously.


This is GREAT! Thanks @allison
Congratulations again! :tada: