I Got a Pass!

Thank you PA coaches for the help. I give equal weight to the practice exams and the Sunday workshops in helping me get this exam PASSED. @elise.kunihiro helped with IBC and the other coach works in Atlanta helped with Historic and Soils…cleared up SO many workflow issues and also nuances between real-life and the test universe. Thank you so much.

Everyone else, I highly recommend the @desk_crits notes, saved so much time. Great basis from which to do the readings.


@coachjoeyandrada ^^^^ :slight_smile:

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That’s Awesome @pegy :boom: Congratulations!

We’d love for you to join our ARE Facebook Group It’s a great way to connect with current and future architects with the goal of helping everyone pass the ARE and advance in their careers. You’ll love it! :grinning:

I am so glad to hear that you got a pass! Just can’t over think those questions! Congrats! :crazy_face:


YASSSSS thank you @coachjoeyandrada

I’m there!

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