Is lobby part of net area?

from problem seeking p97
“Primary Circulation: Lobbies, corridors, and vertical circulation between elevators, public toilets, and building entrances and exits required to satisfy the building code.”

I don’t remember counting the lobby in circulation in practice.

  1. does anyone know in the exam do we count lobby into the net assigned area when calculation efficiency /net to gross?
  2. if the lobby is shared among multiple tenants buildings, is it counted into the usable area?

Hi @xurubi ,

I think Problem Seeking is using the term ‘lobby’ in this instance to refer to a standing only space primarily used for circulation. For instance, the lobby of a commercial building where you may sign in but there is no seating or function.

If you are talking about the ‘lobby’ of a hotel with designated seating or any other lobby that is meant to be occupied by a function other than circulation you would treat that space differently.

  1. If you are calculating efficiency, do not include the lobby in the area unless the lobby serves a function other than circulation.
  2. For leasable areas with tenants, useable area is typically does not include common space or areas shared between the tenants. So whether the lobby is a function space or circulation space it will not be included.

Hope this helps!


@coachdarionziegler Thank you!

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