Is roofgarden suitable for existing building?

there is a question in pA exam 1 asking about heat island reduction strategy for an existing 5 story building. although the rest of the answers are far from correct.
Is roofgarden suitable for existing building ?
the building structure might not be feasible for such design.

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Hi @xurubi ,

Maybe I can help!

I think this question is one of those where you need to choose the “most correct” option based on the information given. Like you said, the other answers are far from correct. Even though at first glance you might have concern about adding a roof garden to an existing structure, you can tell this is the most correct answer through a process of elimination.

There is also one portion of information in the question which might ease concerns you might have about a roof garden on an existing building. The prompt states that the existing building is constructed of “reinforced concrete”. This is much more likely to be able to hold a roof garden than other types of construction.

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Hi! I saw this exact question and you are missing a part of the context. The footprint covers half the site and parking covers the other half. This would cause a ton of heat so by adding a rooftop garden you are reducing overall pervious space. Also, the question stated that the roof needs to be replaced, and if you are replacing it, might as well use it to reduce heat island effect.

Also don’t read too far into the question. If they would have said historic building, you may have had to worry about the structure, but that’s a whole different question.

Studying for the same exam, this is my interpretation of the question. Hope it helps, good luck!

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