PDD Practice Exam 2 Case Study - Vegetated Roof

Following is the question. The entire facility requires a new flat roof system. The owner has asked the architect to consider a vegetated roofing system. Which of the following items should the architect consider when determining the feasibility of a vegetated roofing system?
One of the selection but not correct answer is Height of Building. I have not faced any project with vegetated roof in U.S., but when I worked on project outside the U.S., there is a regulation beyond the maximum height limit. I assume same for U.S. and need to know the height of the building to make sure the vegetated roof can be accommodate with in the maximum height limit. I also would like to clarify any requirement for vegetation beyond maximum height limit. If allowed, what is the limit projection of the vegetation/s beyond maximum height and where I can find in code?

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Hello! This is a great question. @coachchrishopstock do you mind helping @smoriny

Hi @smoriny and thanks for the question!
Vegetated roof systems are usually relatively low-profile, so the height of the building vs. a maximum allowed height is typically not a factor. Also, most municipalities allow vegetated roof systems to penetrate a maximum building height, so as to encourage their installation on existing buildings that may be built to the maximum allowable height.
Finally, of the 6 possible choices here, the other 4 options are certainly all considerations, so height of the building is not amongst the 4 best answers to this question.
I hope this was helpful and good luck in your studies!