Joint Venture Partnerships

I have a question regarding who has the right to use the instruments of service in Joint Venture Partnerships:

Say Firm A and Firm B enter into a joint venture partnership for a specific project. Halfway through the project, for one reason or another, Firm A decides they no longer want to be part of the joint venture. The Owner then decides to move forward with the project with Firm B, and hires Firm C to complete the project with Firm B…

Generally speaking, in this scenario, can the new joint venture partnership (Firm B and Firm C) use Firm A’s instruments of service and proceed with the Owner’s project? Are there special terms and conditions that need to be worked out before Firm B can use Firm A’s instruments of service? For example, does Firm A need to release the trademark / copyright license to Firm B?

Only with the consent of the Architect A

I have the same issue! What did you discover?
Does the firm re package the docs with there seal? Or use old docs and re submit?