Joint Venture Copyright Question

I came across this at weAre but don’t understand it
A building was built under a joint venture. Firm A in the venture held the copyright. The architect that owned the copyright has retired from Firm A. The owner wishes to build the same building in a nearby location. What can firm B in the joint venture (which has now been dissolved) do to get the drawings approved by AHJ?

A) Use the old drawings from firm A and resubmit because less than 5 years have elapsed
B) Use the old drawings but stamp them with firm B stamp
C) Use the drawings as prototypical and re submit?
D) Copy the old drawings into firm Bs letter head and stamp

I think there are a few options here but was unclear if there is a time limit, or prototype argument that could be used.


Hi @otis !

This is definitely a tricky one! My inclination is to select D. Because the joint venture no longer exists, I would think firm B would have to submit the drawings under their firm’s letterhead because they are currently a licensed and insured entity whereas Firm A and the joint venture are not.

Do you have the correct answer available so I can research/elaborate a bit more and also make sure I’m giving you the correct information?