Key goals of an environmental impact assessment?

One of the answers I chose was:
Resolving environmental issues found in the assessment
Which was wrong and the explanation:
Incorrect. Environmental impact assessments are not executed for the means of the architect and design team to address all environmental issues or challenges found on the site. The assessment’s goal is to bring these issues to the attention of the design team for consideration in design and development of the site.

But the answer did not say resolving issues on the site it says resolving issues found in the assessment and I chose this answer because in programming we should be searching for problems to address them in designing.

So I am still very confused in general with how to approach those scenarios.

Thank you

@coachchrishopstock can you please help @ylouka by providing additional insight on this question?


Hi @ylouka
The reason that ‘Resolving environmental issues found in the assessment’ is incorrect is because the assessment does not actually aim to resolve any issues, but rather to bring them to the design team’s attention for them to resolve. You’re totally correct that in the programming phase, the design team will address any issues found in the assessment, but that’s not what the question is asking.

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Got it, I jumped to the next step instead of focusing on what the question is exactly asking:(
Thanks for explaining.

I’ve learned about Environmental Impact Assessment colloquially and can’t find a reference listing what would be included in Environmental Impact Assessment.
Is Environmental Impact Assessment the same as Environmental Impact Statement filed with EPA?
Is Environmental Impact Assessment different from Environmental Site Assessment Phase 1 and Phase 2? I was searing through books referenced as official ARE sources for the P&A exam and couldn’t find a clear explanation. Please give me a reference.
Thank you.